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Those who wish to diversify their retirement assets while keeping a reasonable level of risk tolerance may find crypto individual retirement plans (IRAs) to be a suitable fit. These sites provide investors the best of both worlds by combining conventional and alternative investment strategies.

As more conventional investors get into the cryptocurrency market, digital assets’ profiles and use have skyrocketed. Because of this, crypto IRAs have been getting a lot of attention, and new platforms have emerged with the goal of making this investment option more accessible.

Its niche has been well-established, and iTrustCapital Login is one such platform. You may now easily incorporate digital assets into your retirement plan with iTrustCapital’s user-friendly interface and range of IRA offerings.

What is ITrustCapital?

Coins, gold, and other commodities can be invested in through iTrustCapital’s self-directed IRAs. The exchange is highly favored among crypto aficionados because to its minimal costs.

Interim CEO Kevin Maloney has been with the exchange from its 2018 inception with co-founders Todd Southwick and Blake Skadron. iTrustCapital claims its goal is to integrate digital finance into the current retirement investment system without a hitch. The Irvine, California-based firm has over 100 employees and has transacted over $4.5 billion since its start.

iTrustCapital facilitates the easy, secure, and lawful conversion of retirement assets into cryptocurrency and other commodities; the platform is also user-friendly for beginners.

With this platform, you can trade more than 30 different digital assets for a small cost. This, together with its user-friendly design, multiple IRA account options, and well acclaimed customer service, makes it an excellent alternative for investors of all skill level.

What Makes iTrustCapital the Best Option?

Using iTrustCapital is beneficial because of the platform’s inexpensive and simple pricing. Cryptocurrency trading fees are among the lowest in the industry, at just 1% of transactions.

It only takes a few minutes to open an account with iTrustCapital Login. Following the selection of an IRA type, users are prompted to enter their intended method of financing and the amount to put into their accounts. Your options for an individual retirement account (IRA) include the standard, Roth, and simplified employee pension (SEP) varieties. After that, the account opening process with iTrustCapital typically takes one to three business days. Users get unlimited access to trade on the platform after their account is opened.

Without the need to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat cash, investors can swiftly move their cryptocurrency holdings from another IRA to their new iTrustCapital account. With this functionality, you may avoid the typical difficulties that come with switching platforms and have a seamless transition instead. If you’re a user coming from another platform, you can trade for free for six months.

How to open an account in iTrustCapital?

The ITrustCapital Login Account Opening Process

In only a few short steps, users can create an iTrustCapital account:

Step 1: Visit iTrustCapital’s homepage and click the “Open Account” button.

Step 2: Fill out the form with your name, email, and phone number. Click “Create Account” after you’ve entered your password.

Step 3: Confirm your email address by opening and clicking on the link in the verification email.

Step 4: Go to the very top of your screen and look for the “Start Your Application” button.

Step 5: Begin entering your details into the data wizard.

Step 6: You’ll need to decide on an IRA type and a funding method.

Step 7: Enter your beneficiaries. If you don’t name a primary beneficiary for your IRA, this is who will get your money after you die. When you’re done, click on “Save Beneficiary.”

Step 8: You have successfully submitted your application and launched your inaugural financing event.

Step 9: The iTrustCapital Login review team will send you an email with questions about your application.

Step 10: Wait for an email requesting that you DocuSign your application after acceptance.


iTrustCapital Login is a great IRA provider to think about if you want help investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Users can confidently invest in crypto assets on the platform because of the lower fees, solid security, and good customer service.

Making an account and navigating the exchange is also a breeze because to its simple and user-friendly design. Additional funding choices include direct deposit, rollovers, and transfers from other IRAs. Having said that, the platform’s selection of cryptocurrencies is similarly limited, and the account minimum is relatively hefty. There is also no way for Android users to have a tailored app.